Virgo man and virgo woman marriage compatibility

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The Virgo woman therefore represents quite the puzzling prospect to the Virgo man. The Virgo woman and Virgo man dance around each other for quite some time because of this dynamic. Even between two of the same star sign, the differences in perception on a given relationship held by the genders involved is worth seeing from every angle. As such, the match between the Virgo man and Virgo woman is one in which personal introversion has to be overcome.

Doing so is entirely worthwhile though, as the Virgo man is rapid to discover.

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He maintains a somewhat solitary role in life, which in part comes from the fact that he has recognised from an early age that his mind moves far faster than most of everyone else around him. In fact, the best of such gentlemen are giving and kind, a true example to us all — and certainly more than capable of showing due respect to a woman when they date one. Both of these partners need plenty of time to let the relationship find its feet, and do not easily give in to their emotions, however strong they become within.

Not only is this the case here, but the relationship thrives on the shared loyalty of this pairing, and is built to last. Because of this, she can be a little judgemental or involve herself in gossip. In the most traditional sense, Virgo is not a star sign who goes out of his or her way to interact with other people. Virgo people have no patience for rude, vulgar, disorganised people who are late without apologising or who keep poor personal hygiene.

They do so in their own quiet way, of course, and prefer to connect over sophisticated entertainment or in venues with a sense of grace and beauty. Virgo people like life to be of a certain standard, and also to make plans for the future that will play out to their exact specifications. Having that sense of security that can only come from a trusted confidant is reassuring to people who are often worried about how life plays out for them.

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To Virgo people, every decision is to be made not just in terms of the immediate benefits that come from it, but also — more specifically — the long term consequences that every decision brings. Because of this, Virgo and Virgo marriage is often quiet a natural consequence of a Virgo and Virgo relationship. Virgo is more sensitive than many give them credit for. Heartbreak devastates them, so better that they settle down with someone who understands them — like, indeed, a fellow Virgo.

The marriage between two Virgo people is likely to be quite a fulfilling one, although it will be more played out in the mind and in reality than in endless sentimentality. Having said that, even the coolest, calm and collected Virgo spouse will cave into their passions sooner or later. Yet even when the honeymoon phase is over, the alliance that results is set to last forever — truly, Virgo and Virgo married couples are best friends to one another. They follow the rules to the book and make a compatible life together in marriage. There would be a greater level of compatibility when two Virgos are involved in sex.

The Virgos are one of the sexiest of the zodiacs. But there would be no exhibition of their sexual preferences to the outside world. But then both would be more particular about having a bath before and after having sex, checking out if the bedspreads are clean, if the lighting is just perfect and the like.. The atmosphere around means a lot to them. When a Virgo male and a Virgo female decide to call off their relationship then it would be a no fuss affair. They just separate elegantly and decently without hurting the sentiments of the partner and those around.

Both wonder why the rest of the zodiacs make a great fuss when they call off a relationship Our relationship has many people envious. He'll do anything for me, if I'm mad at something he's done , he'll fix it. No one is perfect, But I believe this is the best match.

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At first we weren't attracted to each other I'm 1 tough cookie I waited a while for him to ask me out. He cares for me. But after they've let their guards down its a whole different story, They Love w. Their hearts. They might come off as flirty, but they'll never imagine cheating in a million years. I advise you, to keep this relationship going at its best, You need to be spontaneous Two Virgos can get really tired of each other, Travel a lot, have amazing sex , live your life to the fullest with your virgo.

If you've already got him.. Have Fun! I have a Virgo guy friend now. And he always says he hasn't had sex with anybody since,we been having sex. Yea Right!!!

Virgo And Virgo Compatibility, Love, Friendship

He is selfish and has no home training. He is very flirty and open wit it. I'm a Virgo also. And tend to do things back in return to try and piss him off. He acts as if he doesn't care. Butr I know he does. He only cares about his needs. Plus I'm pregnant 7months by another guy witch is a Virgo and I was so in love with him. Except he was kinda the same. Virgvo men are to secretive, They hold a lot in. I'm a Virgo man and recently met a Virgo woman the first couple of meetings we just talked and talked and have so much in common but we have our differences in opinion also which made us more attracted to each other now when we are together the compliments just wont stop their is no criticizing of one another it is like a match made in heaven and behind closed doors she is the sexiest woman in the world to me!!!

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I am a Virgo woman with a Virgo man,it will be 7 yrs. We have a kid together and sometimes I believe I just want to give up. I believe that he lies alot.


Hard for me to trust him. He flirts a lot to.

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  • He isn't very affectionate-don't know how to show love but he loves sex. Sometimes he could make you feel like you matter to him and other times,like he don't care. When we are apart for awhile,he will come find me. To get to the point I believe I deserve better.

    Virgo Man and Virgo Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

    I could be myself when I'm around him,that's what I like. It's like we know each other so much. If I do let him go,I know I'll miss him but I deserve a man to show me love to,because with me if I don't get the treatment I want,I tend to lose the feelings I have. I am a Virgo woman and had been mariied to a Virgo man for 8 yrs. Divorced for longer now. Main reason: habitual lier! Never a word of thruth.

    Even when it doesn't matter! Never keeps his word.

    Virgo Woman and Cancer Man - Compatible?

    Very cocky, self-asured, and "know-it-all" a lot of the time. Very charming! At times sweet and caring but always with an agenda of his own. Seemingly cares about social perception of him, yet, most people who know him well know him as a liar. I am a Virgo and so is a friend of mine that I am so completely enchanted by.

    He is a typical Virgo man and we have been friends for the last 4 years. During that time I have discovered that he is very passionate, caring, and loyal. As to our attraction to each other, the only thing I can say is wow!!! I have never known someone as passionate in all areas of their life other than myself. It is strange simply because I just divorced my husband, another Virgo and I have never known two Virgo men who were so different.

    Take time to get to know the Virgo you are interested in and build a friendship, going slow is always the best option. We want stability and love just like anyone else. Virgo's are easily hurt; take it from someone who knows. Do not rush things and do not be afraid to be yourself. Virgo's cannot stand fake people. Be real, open, and caring this is the best advice I can give anyone interested in either Virgo male or female.

    Being clean will only get you more attention from us, just something to remember. Hello, I'm a Virgo woman and I met a Virgo man at work about a year ago. We started dating back in august and everything seemed perfect. But than he got some really bad news and he completly shut himself out. I know virgos well so I gave him all the space he wanted and tried to be supportive from the side lines. He seemed apologetic, he even went as far as kissing me in private at work. But I started getting edgy with him ignoring my texts I sent him a text one day and it was ignored I guess you can say we 'broke' up at that point.

    I started missing him to the point I actually got the guts to ask him out for coffee to talk about 'us'. I'm so frustrated! I want this guy back but i'm unsure how to go about doing it I'm trying not to seem desperate or needy but this situation is making me unhappy. I am a Virgo woman who is dating a Virgo man. The experience in the beginning was kind of scary because he seemed to be a little cold hearted and had this ego that he knows everything.

    However I always attractive to his intelligence and his sexiness. Most importantly the sex is the boom! We have a lot in common and when a issue arise we communicate! We canbe happy just being in each other presence, he makes me feel protected! I know this is going to lead into a long term relationship which I desire.

    But have patience Virgo men don't express their feelings upfront. I am a Virgo woman, I am a bit Ok, I met a Virgo man on a dating website, and we had many similarities. To start with, we were born on the same day, different year, but same weekday. As the days passed by, he started analysing And then, he just stepped back, since then, it s been difficult to get him back, unless I make him mad, which I did, not very good experience, for a Virgo woman's point of view. It hurts too much, coz I still love him. He thinks I do not. Do I scare them off? I am a Virgo man. Recently I was emotionally connected with a younger Virgo woman of the birth date.

    Our connection was eerie. I think we could feel each other as the other article mentioned. The chemistry was fantastic.

    We could not moved forward because I am married. The pain was exquisite. A few tries should do the trick but don't be critical for a while.

    virgo man and virgo woman marriage compatibility Virgo man and virgo woman marriage compatibility
    virgo man and virgo woman marriage compatibility Virgo man and virgo woman marriage compatibility
    virgo man and virgo woman marriage compatibility Virgo man and virgo woman marriage compatibility
    virgo man and virgo woman marriage compatibility Virgo man and virgo woman marriage compatibility
    virgo man and virgo woman marriage compatibility Virgo man and virgo woman marriage compatibility
    virgo man and virgo woman marriage compatibility Virgo man and virgo woman marriage compatibility
    virgo man and virgo woman marriage compatibility Virgo man and virgo woman marriage compatibility

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