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Venus is the planet of our inner desires, while Mars is about how we act on those desires. Nickname: The Love Goddess Zodiac signs Venus rules: Taurus and Libra Exalted in: Pisces Houses Venus rules: 2nd House of Money and Self-Worth, and 7th House of Partnerships Venus stays in each zodiac sign for: 3 - 4 weeks Venus makes a complete trip through the zodiac: about every year to year and a half Venus retrogrades: once every year to year and a half, with each retrograde lasting around six weeks.

Venus, as the goddess of love, is complex and rules two different signs: Taurus and Libra. These two signs, on a basic level, represent love and money. Venus rules attraction and attachment to others which are the focus of relationship-oriented Libra. Additionally, Venus rules Taurus, the sign of the zodiac focused on practical matters like money while still ruling sensual aspects of life like art and beauty. Venus is associated with the 2nd House of Resources and Money as well as the 7th House of Partnerships -- both the romantic and work-related kind.

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This means that Venus is associated with self-worth, our relationship to possessions, and one-on-one connections. This content was written by tarot. Venus was traditionally called the "lesser benefic," a positive force, but on a smaller scale than lucky Jupiter, the greater benefic.

Still, she puts smiles on faces and represents pleasure and contentment -- like planetary dopamine for the brain. Venus rules earthy Taurus and airy Libra as sources of sensual delights and social satisfaction.

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Bringing Venus into our lives makes us happy. The setting of Venus in sign and house will speak of things that inspire and move us, as well as those we feel and relate to through love and devotion. Venus is our ability to love, feel and move with ease and flexibility, and our ability to earn, make money, valuing our own personalities and personalities of other people.

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When challenged, it will turn us into critics, towards others and ourselves, and make us unsatisfied and unthankful when we should be embracing life with all of the gifts it has for us. It is our lazy nature, our ability to enjoy time spent dancing, singing, or simply that time we spend on our comfortable couch, eating ice cream. Food, diplomacy and tact seem to be its primal concerns.

If you want to find the planet in charge of your marriage or finding the love of your life, you will observe Venus.

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  • Turn to art and fashion in their most inspired form or at least leave some time for hedonistic pleasures every day. Work on your flexibility, both in the physical and interpersonal realm, and realize that there is nothing stopping you in your search for love, satisfaction, beauty, desire, and artistic expression in any possible form.

    Aries Venus

    The sense of protection found in our relationship with food affects us on numerous levels, and Venus and Jupiter will protect us from pain in any way possible. In the eyes of current positioning of Mars in Cancer, we are to see how the energy can be brought to life and transformed into its most potent state.

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    Zodiac Signs. Venus can bring to us opportunities to hear music, eat good food, enjoy a beautiful perfume, appreciate a good wine, or be motivated to see a great art exhibit. Venus can even help you seduce your lover. What a dreary world it would be without Venus! Venus is alluring, magnetic and receptive.

    Introduction to Astrological Venus

    This is one planet that is never aggressive. Assertiveness would be left to Mars, her cosmic lover; they make a great pair! Venus is able to get her way by using charm instead of force.

    Thinking about consequences is a job left to Saturn. Deciding what is just is left to Jupiter.

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