Saturn in capricorn vedic astrology


He will be virtuous, intelligent, famous, wealthy and fond of traveling. Saturn gives huge wealth. Saturn in Libra is pleasant, cares about others, and is tireless in serving. Saturn is exalted in Libra that shows balance in nature and good gains in the life. They are natural diplomats and have a great sense of tact. Libra Saturn delivers great politician as well.

You will be hard-worker and good task-master. Progress in the life will be slow. You have a lot of desires. Libra Saturn can have issues with the kidneys, intestine and lower back. Saturn in Scorpio can be secretive. These guys often interested in deep science or occult subjects mainly in tantric. Saturn placed in Scorpio zodiac sign may be greedy, short-tempered, egoistic in nature.

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This placement gives sometimes problem in wealth and inheritance. They will face problems in professional life. You will be violent and involved in violent tasks. You are fearless and courageous.

Prateek`s Vision Of Astrology: Saturn in All Zodiac Sign

You also take a lot of risks in life. Scorpio Saturn keeps their motivations hidden deeply. They may be from psychological, emotional or psychic causes. Patience is key of your success. You may have a quarrelsome nature. Saturn may give problem of headache and sometimes in private parts.

Saturn in Sagittarius zodiac sign may bless the native with knowledge and religious nature. He will be reputed and famous in society. He will bring fame for his family but not good for father. He will have good relationships with highly placed people of the society. Slowly in the life he will achieve all the goals mainly after age of Saturn in Sagittarius, you are loved by all your friends. You easily forgive your enemies.

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You believe in living a simple life. You are religious and well-behaved. Saturn in Sagittarius may suffer difficulties with the muscles, hips, sciatic nerve and liver. They achieve very strong position in career and wealth wise also in good position. Saturn in earthy gives lot of benefits from earth mean good house, lands, vehicle all materialism Saturn gives.

He may be learned, intelligent and religious in nature. He will be famous, hardworking and skilled in engineering. You achieve an authoritative position in your family and social circle. You have good patience and well decision-maker; you easily find solutions for all kinds of problems. They can be very charming. Saturn in Capricorn may have difficulties with the skeleton, knees and skin. Capricorn Saturn is always working, mostly for the benefit of others. Why Saturn in powerful in 10th house:. This sign shows Saturn high-dreams because Saturn in airy sign peoples is highly ambitious and great-thinker.

Saturn in Aquarius zodiac sign shows interest in various works or multitasking. They will be highly diplomatic, out spoken and straight forward in their approach. Saturn gives stability. You will be fat physique. You will have a gentle nature.

You may pretend to be philosophical and religious. They are responsible, loyal and impartial. They are level-headed and stable. Saturn in Aquarius keeps their circulatory and nervous systems healthy. This also affects the heart. They can be strong, impersonal and scientific, or cold, and opinionated. You also like to socialize with others. This Jupiter sign Saturn, gives big amount of wealth. Saturn will like disciplined nature and responsible person in the life. Saturn will bless the native with good education and knowledge. You are not very talkative; you never get involved with unnecessary discussions or arguments.

Capricorn (astrology)

He may be skilled in science, technology and engineering. He will be religious and polite in nature. He may be popular among friends and social relations. Helping others or doing something good for them makes you happy. Your mind may be restless.

Capricorn (astrology)

As a result, you may be involved with a lot of tasks simultaneously. You are a good and responsible officer for the society in govt. The Karmic principle reflects the cause and effect relationship, and consequently, the Saturn's position along with Rahu and Ketu in the birth chart provides the insight into how one can or one has opportunity to redeem his or her Karma and transform to the level of better understanding of life.

Therefore, when we have experiences in life that result in comments such as "why me? And there is a message behind it if we care and try to understand it. Without understanding Saturn one can not truly become free. It's in understanding of sufferings and obstacles in life one can understand the meaning of lifethat's what Saturn is trying to teach us. Saturn deals with emotions until we understand its teaching. And then it frees us from bondage of pain and pleasures. It deals with the process of self-discovery. T he higher the personal ego more the challenges and difficulties.

Saturn when fully transformed-- one becomes enlightened Gautam Buddha, Gandhi, Elbert Schweitzer, Mother Teresa and many others like them who devoted their lives to serve humanity. Also, the researchers, philosophers, teachers, philanthropist and even entrepreneurs with the intention of serving humanity are the examples of people who finally understood the Saturn's principle. In essence, in my opinion, Saturn is the driving force behind the process when we undo the things we did in the first half of our life and gain some wisdom. Saturn at material level loves rules.

Therefore, laws that govern the functioning of societies come under Saturn's influence. Typically in the birth charts of lawyers and judges Saturn is likely to be a prominent planet. Among the twelve zodiac signs Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn becomes exalted in Libra, and becomes extremely weak in Aries. While the earth and air signs are most suitable for Saturn to reside, a fire or water sign is generally not good for Saturn to reside. Among the planets, in general, his friends are Mercury, Venus and to some extent Jupiter.

Among the modern planets depending on the placing of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto they can be either complementary or opposites. For those who have dominant and positive Saturn in their birth chart are likely to experience dramatic changes in their lives on Saturdays, and black is their lucky color.

Following is a list of adjectives and nouns that describe the Saturn's characteristics. Darkness, misfortune, secrecy, hardship, loss, longevity, death, delays, old age, poverty, problems, obstructions, sorrow, unhappiness, mourning, destruction, shrinkage, toughness, unlucky, lifeless, dust, renunciation of material things, limitations, denial, disappointment, dispute, difficulty, obstacles, hindrances, differences, plodding, perseverance, savings, endurance, thrift, self control, sense of duty, concentration, meditation, prayers, calculative, fall, negotiations,.

Chronic illness, bones, rheumatism, tuberculosis, leprosy, paralysis, muteness. Thin built, slender, bony, pale, older looking for his age, deep set eyes. Old buildings, slums, leather and shoe factories, slaughter houses, lead, iron, steel, oil, petroleum products, wool, hair, nails, tortoise,. Labor, labor problems, famine, floods, wars, difficult time, depression, loss of material, bankruptcy, lawyers, judges, industrialists, reformers, famous political figures.

Saturdays, black color. By occupying a certain house in the natal chart, the influence of Saturn on an individual is summarized below. However, it must be remembered that a specific inference and subsequent astrological interpretation will depend on several other factors such as disposition of other planets with respect to Saturn, and their relationship among each other through house ownership and aspects.

Until he reaches his age thirty six, he probably goes through a series of difficult times. There are often " delays " in his life. He is likely to get married late in his life. In association with the unfavorable planets in the first house, his troubles in his life are intensified and last long.

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Second House: The second house Saturn makes one very pragmatic, practical, and conservative when it comes to handling money. He is a hard working, quiet person who wouldn't spend a penny unless he has given a serious thought over the matter. With Jupiter in the second house, he is unlikely to experience any financial trouble in his life. With Venus in the second house, he probably will accumulate a lot of wealth. He is normally a calm and peaceful person. He is patient, courageous, and only takes a calculated risk. He usually does well in his life.

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He is likely to have sad childhood memories. He is very clever, political, intelligent, diplomatic, and a realist. He is skeptical, suspicious, and perhaps unreliable. He is very patient, and usually successfully pursues his educational ambition. With Mercury, Jupiter, and Uranus in the first, or in the ninth house of his birth chart, he can achieve a very high career goal in his life. Also, this Saturn is good for pursuing a career in law. In general, the person is easily misunderstood, has a natural tendency to create enemies, and has no difficulty in getting himself involved in a fight. As a result, he is always worried and annoyed.

In addition, he faces a lot of obstacles and misfortunes in his life. Stability arrives late in life. He is likely to have a poor health, long illnesses, arthritis, and perhaps likely to experience a paralysis attack. Seventh House: The person with Saturn in the seventh house usually gets married late in life. With Mars or Uranus in the seventh house he is very likely to have problems in his marriage, and probably end up with a divorce or two. With Neptune in the seventh house he is unlikely to get married.

However, he may have to face a series of obstacles, unnecessary situations, and delays in his life. With a planet like Mars or Uranus in the eighth house he is likely to remain mired in a constant financial and physical struggle in his life. He is generally intelligent, just, and patient. He is likely to become a lawyer, a religious authority, or a research scientist. It might take all his life to achieve it, but he will be successful and become somebody worth remembering after he is long gone.

He is ambitious, egoistic, and very shrewd. He enjoys social prestige. He may not get along with his father. Eleventh House: The eleventh house Saturn is good for pursuing a career in law. The person usually has a very few friends. He is typically a true introvert. He is always extremely careful with any financial dealing. He is a good planner, a hard worker, and very self centered. Twelfth House: The person with the twelfth house Saturn in his birth chart is likely to struggle with adverse situations in his life for a long time.

He is not blessed to have enough opportunities in his life. Usually an opportunity comes very late in life. In association with unfavorable planets like Mars, Sun or Uranus in the twelfth house, the situation becomes worse. He is likely to frequently suffer from unexpected and sudden financial losses; he is likely to get arrested even if he is innocent, or have a terrible accident.

Saturn alone in this house, however, makes the person spiritually strong.

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As mentioned earlier, it rules Capricorn earth and Aquarius air , and it becomes exalted in Libra. Saturn in Aries becomes debilitated. In this fire sign, all the negative characteristics of Saturn are likely to get enhanced in this sign unless Saturn receives positive influence from a benefic planet like Jupiter or Venus. The inherent slow and steady nature of Saturn is totally gets confused and demolished in volatile and aggressive sign Aries.

Such people are likely to be highly opinionated and become very judgmental of others. They likely to insist on things which are not practical. They can become in-compassionate and ruthless in their behavior.

saturn in capricorn vedic astrology Saturn in capricorn vedic astrology
saturn in capricorn vedic astrology Saturn in capricorn vedic astrology
saturn in capricorn vedic astrology Saturn in capricorn vedic astrology
saturn in capricorn vedic astrology Saturn in capricorn vedic astrology
saturn in capricorn vedic astrology Saturn in capricorn vedic astrology
saturn in capricorn vedic astrology Saturn in capricorn vedic astrology
saturn in capricorn vedic astrology Saturn in capricorn vedic astrology

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