Ophiuchus horoscope compatibility

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Being loyal and steady, they have a strict standard on the good and the evil. In addition, Ophiuchus people have their own ideal and goal and always stride forward to challenges with the strong motivation.

Ophiuchus compatibility with other Signs

Aries Mar. So why does it stir so many questions in cycles, like an omen that will burst the bubble of astrology?

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Probably just because people have a need to debate on it and learn of this ominous quasi-science that should be banned from the face of the Earth but is also intriguing and attractive. For the sake of truth, consider this article a plea not to spread disinformation about astrology anymore.

It is misunderstood and mystified enough as it is. The first thing we need to learn here is what is a sign of the zodiac and how does it relate to the constellation that is named the same.

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A sign is simply a piece of the ecliptic belt that always takes 30 degrees of the zodiacal circle. It has no relation to the constellation except for the historic one, established thousands of years ago, when constellations were located approximately at the same place as the signs. Even though constellations inspired naming the signs and the two have their connection in roots of history, they were never coinciding in width or position entirely.

Signs and constellations are not the same, and they never have been. There are twelve signs of the zodiac, and their beginnings are defined by seasons on planet Earth — not the location of constellations. All cardinal signs mark the beginnings of seasons, so the zeroth degree of Aries marks the point in the ecliptic belt where the Sun is at the beginning of spring. Similarly, Cancer will start with the beginning of summer, Libra with the beginning of autumn, and Capricorn with the first breath of winter. All other sings are a continuance of these four and fill up the ninety-degree angle until the following season, while taking 30 degrees each.

If you follow the old traits of the zodiac signs, you can generally tell that a Capricorn is generally a workaholic; Pisces is a day-dreamer; Cancer is extremely possessive; and Libra is an intellectual which tries to balance everything.

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This relationship will indeed work because they know each other too well to get in the way of each other. They love new challenges, and they really hate it when they become stagnant, which is why they can travel a lot and spend a lot of time going new places to experience new things. They are also in agreement when it comes to their secrets — they will never talk about it because they do not want to dive into their own secrets. The horoscope zodiac sign of Capricorn is a completely career and goal driven sign, not unlike the highly competitive and goal oriented Ophiuchus Zodiac Sign.

They will definitely get along because they both want the same thing, to be at the top of their game, either in career or their personal lives.

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They also mesh well intellectually, especially since a Capricorn loves intellectual and creative conversations, which an Ophiuchus has a lot to offer. The Pisces horoscope sign is considered to be the best compatible sign of an Ophiuchus, because they have a lot of common. Both are day-dreamers because of their creativity, both of them have the ability to adapt to their environments, both of them are mutable and both of them value emotions and feelings.

Their best qualities can offset their worst qualities and vice versa. This can be clearly considered as a match made in heaven.

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The Ophiuchus Zodiac Sign has certainly found a soul mate when they choose to be in a relationship with a Cancer. Both signs of the horoscope are extremely clingy, and will definitely keep each other busy making sure that the other is satisfied emotionally as well as physically. Both of them might have jealous streaks, but they make it up for love and care, as well as devotion to each other. The intellectual requirements of a Libra will definitely be fulfilled here, especially with another travel hungry Ophiuchus. The Ophiuchus Zodiac Sign hates being tied down to one place, which makes them the perfect horoscope zodiac sign partner for a Libra, who wants to discovery new things as well as stimulate their creativity through new experiences.

The creative side of Ophiuchus can certainly delight with the modern musings of a Libra, especially in the field of creativity and the arts. The Ophiuchus Zodiac Sign, being a water dominated sign, will definitely have a hard time dealing with most Air and Fire dominated signs.

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Unsurprisingly, because of the introduction of the signs the horoscopes also underwent a complete overhaul, so it will come as a natural occurrence when an Earth element sign, generally known to be compatible to a Water element sign, is seen to be incompatible with the sign. The flighty Sagittarius might seem a very good match to a very restless Ophiuchus, but the problems arises when both signs of the horoscope try to outdo each other in terms of who gets to travel the most and who gets to experience new things the best.

ophiuchus horoscope compatibility Ophiuchus horoscope compatibility
ophiuchus horoscope compatibility Ophiuchus horoscope compatibility
ophiuchus horoscope compatibility Ophiuchus horoscope compatibility
ophiuchus horoscope compatibility Ophiuchus horoscope compatibility
ophiuchus horoscope compatibility Ophiuchus horoscope compatibility
ophiuchus horoscope compatibility Ophiuchus horoscope compatibility

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