Mercury and intelligence astrology

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Length of Year: 88 Earth days. Moons: 0. Colour: Dark Gray. Size: 4, km diameter 2.

Mercury in 3rd House-

Spins: Counter-clockwise. Although he be but little, he is speedy! Named for the Roman Messenger of the Gods, Mercury is the smallest planet aside from dwarf planet Pluto in our solar system and the closest to the Sun. Still, he remains the fastest planet in the solar system, true to his wing-footed namesake.

Mercury is known as the Planet of the Mind, governing intelligence, communication, and mental activity. Which comes to no surprise 3rd house being the house of gemini and 10th house being the house of careers -and many of them are in 'smart' fields 10th house mercury-albert einstein. Benjamin Netanyahu. I have observed actors and actresses said to have a high IQ-they didn't have these markers-reason for that could be because they didn't enter scientific or revolutionary fields.

So to sum it off, I think whatever aspects the mercury influence the way you think or learn.

For example, mercury-uranus-learn to apply what you learned to the real world-and form ideas of how this knowledge can be used, be creative with it. Maybe convey and teach the content to others in a very eccentric ways with interesting imaginary stories related to the content.

Mercury-mars-application, hands on, how you actually apply the information that you learnt. Also learn how to discriminate and undergo the process of elimination when you need to like in the case of multiple choice questions. Nice post, but there are other types of intelligence as well.

Would love to see if you can extend your analysis on them. Great OP. I think it makes total sense there is a connection to Saturn and Mercury in many iconic genius charts. Saturn gives the Mercury the ability to make ideas work in the real world. It grounds them and makes them built prototypes and see if they actually work with Earth's laws.

Legendary Arab scientist Al Biruni link to chart has a strong Mercury, but I wonder if his Sun near the ascendant means more. I think both Sun and Mercury represent intelligence. I am not fond of astrology, it is more I have my doubts about its veracity, without the intention of offending.

Especially Intelligent

But I like to inquire about any subject and what I know about this matter after seeing many "natal charts" I have determined that intelligence itself is high iq and so on, is reflected mostly through oppositions with neptune to mercury having aspects to Mars in mercury or a mercury in Aries. This after reviewing many natal charts, then we could also say that an urano or a Pluto in house 3 also intensifies the native's intelligence from my point of view.

What do you think? Mercury in conjunction with Jupiter wouldn't count as a sign of inteligence? Other psychological factors influence its expression. Moon-Mercury together symbolize "mind". If they are not in balance, "intelligence" may find it difficult to shine through. Originally Posted by love-thinking.

Merury-saturn-plan how you are going to study, repeatedly memorize the content that you must know, but also form connections to words that will help you remember things better. The "IQ" sort of "intelligence" is too limited, and too much influenced by other psychological traits to be of much value in measuring likelihood of success in life. Hello to everybody. I am really surprised to read that information about the aspects of Mercury.

I was wondering one afternoon which are the classical aspects in the ASTRO chart which indicate intelligence and landed in your page by chance.

My astrological aspects are abundant in mercury mercury - uranus, mercury - saturn, mercury Mars, mercury - ascendant and mercury - pluto. I also have a 10th house in Mercury. I never considered myself a really "intelligent" person, but I have to say that I developed interests in my youth that were not typical for other people at my age. On the other hand, I think that intelligence is also a broad term that needs to be broken down to specific criteria, since there are many different types of intelligence.

But at the end of the day, knowing this information really doesn't change anything sorry if there are any mistakes, English is not my first language. Hi my son is very intelligent almost 17 , he is a rebel though at times. Aced adult IQ test at Left school with top marks in triple science despite never revising and constantly being sent out of class for arguing with his teachers.

He get away with it as the head teacher had his back! Mercury dominant chart with no water apart from Pisces ascendant , which worries me!? Extremely critical! He displays random blurts of OCD. Or on top of kitchen cupboards scrubbing them. Last edited by starsRus; at AM. Sometimes, Mercury dominant people may be gifted with a biting sarcasm, quick wit and the ability to learn things very quickly.

But their intelligence means that they may also be talented at deception. Gemini, for example, is the sign of communication - they are gifted in being able to express what they are thinking and feeling. Virgo's structured way of processing information is a testament to their talents of analyzing the world.

Mercury reflects your communication style as well as how you conceptualize ideas - how you organize, analyze and make sense of the world around you. The first impressions we get from others are most likely dictated not by their sun or moon sign, but their Mercury sign.

Mercury dictates whether their emails and texts are worded bluntly and to the point - or if they are more polite and friendly. They reveal how we choose our words and the tone that we instinctively take. Mercury answers the following questions about you:.

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What first impressions do I make? How do I process ideas and information? Get the Claves Astrologicae, a card astrology oracle deck. Use the zodiac, the planets, the houses and the phases of the moon to guide you.

mercury and intelligence astrology Mercury and intelligence astrology
mercury and intelligence astrology Mercury and intelligence astrology
mercury and intelligence astrology Mercury and intelligence astrology
mercury and intelligence astrology Mercury and intelligence astrology
mercury and intelligence astrology Mercury and intelligence astrology
mercury and intelligence astrology Mercury and intelligence astrology

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