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Should the stars guide you when life is leading you down all sorts of dark and dangerous alleys? Horoscopes Your free Daily and Weekly Horoscope. The Sydney Morning Herald. October 8, by Hedy Damari Add to shortlist. October 7, by Hedy Damari Add to shortlist. Wellbeing Your weekly horoscopes, October 6 - 13 Free weekly horoscope for each star sign from renowned astrologer Kelli Fox.

So make the most of every moment.

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No wonder his fans looked to him in their most troubled times. Here, we reveal some of their stories and how Cainer shaped their lives Karen Lee, 67, said Jonathan Cainer predicted the day of her first husband's death. Karen Lee, 67, is a retired psychologist who is married to her second husband, William, 67, a jeweller. She says:.

Jonathan Cainer's Weekly Sagittarius Horoscope

My husband, Duncan, had cancer and watching him suffer was terribly traumatic. On my way to visit him in hospital, I performed my daily ritual, turning to Jonathan Cainer. The drama is over. The drama was, indeed, over because my husband had been a violent man who had long subjected me to crippling emotional abuse.

And, astonishingly, Jonathan had predicted precisely when this abuse would end.

Duncan and I had married in To the outside world, he was charming and charismatic. In private, he'd hurl furniture if I couldn't find his favourite shirt and call me useless if he thought I wasn't speaking to him respectfully. My confidence was obliterated. I was a chartered psychologist and we ran a consultancy together, so our incomes were as linked as our lives, and I didn't have the courage to leave him. But in January , I summoned the nerve to say I wanted a divorce.

Duncan threatened suicide. I was trapped — something Jonathan seemed instinctively to understand. He later wrote: 'You're not free to do as you wish. Even if you try, you find that you are like a puppet attempting to escape the will of a puppeteer. However, in July , he offered hope: 'Natural justice is being dispensed. As you watch a situation from a seemingly helpless point of view, it should become apparent everything is working out perfectly. In October that year, Duncan was diagnosed with stomach cancer, which quickly spread.

Rather than relieved, I felt horribly conflicted.

Jonathan Cainer (Sagittarius)

I didn't want him to die. Despite everything, he was my husband. One said: 'There is something you may as well get used to; some factor that you have no option other than to accept. I sensed his words about the drama ending would prove prophetic as I read them on July 20, But Duncan's death still traumatised me. When I arrived, he was on a life-support machine.

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Overwhelmed, I asked him to blink if he could hear me. He did. I told him not to be afraid, but then, as he closed his eyes for a final time, I yelled at him for leaving. Despite all my anger, there was love there, too.

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Jonathan made me realise that Duncan's death had not been arbitrary. It was part of the universe's plan. I was supposed to carry on — happiness lay ahead. Five years after Duncan died, I married William. But I will feel Jonathan's absence every day. Roger Hoe, 57, bought a Bentley in only after looking at Jonathan's reading for his Pisces sign.

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Roger Hoe, 57, is managing director of a construction company from Cottingham, E. He says:. As unusual as it might be for a man to admit, I've always believed in astrology — especially when it comes to business decisions. Jonathan Cainer's forecasts were instrumental in me making my fortune. Without his help, who knows where I'd be today?

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I set up my construction company in , building up an organic food company alongside it. But when I read Jonathan's forecast for my Pisces starsign soon after — 'It is time to diversify' — I took the plunge. I'm glad I did. Since then, my business has grown beyond my wildest expectations. I have 25 staff and a five-bedroom farmhouse with an acre of gardens. Quite simply, I'm living the dream. Jonathan's horoscope continued to be a valued guide for crucial business decisions.

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I read it each day and consulted him before making extravagant purchases. I bought my Bentley in only after his reading for my Pisces sign said: 'If you work hard you should enjoy the fruits of your labour.

My friends think horoscopes are nonsense. But I like to think the progress of my business proves them wrong. Angela Garvin, 49, said Jonathan's words 'pulled her out of depression' when she separated from her husband. Angela Garvin, 49, is a legal secretary from Romford, Essex, whose husband Peter, a lawyer, left her in August Free Trial!

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